Remember to update your sat nav

Posted on 28th February 2012 by ConnorSephton

One thing you must remember when you’re using a sat nav is that you’re driving, not the GPS system! You need to remember to trust your instinct and use common sense when you’re using a sat nav. There are many reports of people driving into rivers and turning down roads that they can’t drive down.

Taking your sat nav too seriously is really dangerous if you see signs on the road that suggest you’re going the wrong way, or indeed if you see that the road has ended, then it’s a good sign that the sat nav has made a mistake. Remember, maps can easily become out of date, which means that directions can be wrong.


The best way to avoid this is to ensure that you If you want to check to see if you have a  history, update your sat nav regularly, using the methods outlined in the instructions provided with the device. It will save you a lot of potential trouble!



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