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Review: The TomTom VIA LIVE 120

Posted on 01st March 2012 by ConnorSephton A comparison between a Garmin sat nav and the TomTom Via LIVE 120

The TomTom VIA Live 120 UK is a higher-end sat nav model designed for people who travel a lot. If you’re looking for something simple and low priced, then this isn’t for you. Retailing at around £180, it’s not exactly cheap. It does, however, pack a punch. The device..

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Lovecases now stocking sat nav cases

Posted on 01st March 2012 by ConnorSephton TOM-ACC-TT5INCHTRAVELPACK.png

Lovecases, the popular online case provider, have announced that they are now going to be stocking robust cases for popular sat nav systems. Tomtom, Garmin, Navigon, Navman and more device cases are now available from the website, made by brands like Case logic, Krusell and Hama. Sat navs have..

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Top tips for sat nav safety

Posted on 20th February 2012 by ConnorSephton All rights reserved by js_corsa

Being safe with your sat nav is a matter of common sense, and you’ll be able to follow these easy instructions to remain safe on the road. The first thing you need to remember is that it is not safe to operate the sat nav while you’re driving. If..

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How to buy celebrity voices for your sat nav

Posted on 20th February 2012 by ConnorSephton Brian blessed - on your sat nav!

Want to change your sat nav’s voice? It’s easy! If you’re using a traditional standalone device, you simply have to start by heading online. You’ll find a whole host of websites offering sat nav voices (such as www.celebrityvoice.co.uk), and you’ll even find them on your sat nav’s official online..

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