Video review: Garmin Etrex H

Posted on 14th March 2012 by ConnorSephton


The Garmin Etrex H is the new version of the company’s entry-level navigator, that’s used primarily for hiking

and geocaching. In order to improve the device, they have added a high sensitivity GPS receiver. This gives you better GPS reception between buildings, down in canyons and under trees – so you’re not as likely to lose signal!

It’s able to pinpoint a location to within roughly 17 feet, even inside a building, whi

ch is pretty impressive for a device of its size and price.

For just £65, this great little device will be a great little companion for hiking. Given that it’s a non-mapping sat nav, it’s an inexpensive and useful product.

The Etrex H is significantly better for outdoor activity and even offers a better battery. This is simply because it does not require battery for mapping. It’s waterproof and it’s pretty tough, too. So if you’re an outdoors lover, it’s perfect for you!


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