Nokia has no plans to give Nokia Drive Windows Phone app to any other devices

Posted on 28th February 2012 by ConnorSephton

When Nokia teamed up with Microsoft to create the first Windows Nokia Phone, one thing that Microsoft was particularly excited about was Nokia’s Ovi Maps. Nokia developed a pretty impressive satellite navigation app that runs on Windows 7, and rumours have spread suggesting that Nokia would soon be offering the app to other devices.

Nokia has recently claimed that these rumours are actually untrue and they will only be offering their satellite navigation app to people who own a Nokia Windows Phone. No doubt, this is a clever move to try and boost sales of their Nokia Lumia 800 and upcoming Lumia 900, by providing an exclusive app.

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The sat nav system has become particularly popular thanks to its 3D and 2D capabilities, and functionality across 95 countries. It’s basically a full sat nav system available on your phone.

Mark Squires, Nokia’s communications Director has pledged that the app will only be available on Nokia devices.


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