Review: The Garmin Nuvi 1340

Posted on 20th February 2012 by ConnorSephton Publicity photo courtesy of Garmin

Yet another great addition to the Nuvi 1300 line, the 1340 has focused primarily on fuel economy. It offers an eco route system, which allows you to take the most fuel-efficient route possible. What’s more, it even tracks fuel usage during your journey so that you can be sure the eco route system is benefitting you. Perhaps one of the greatest features about this sat nav, however, is its new lane system, which tells you which lane to get into when you’re about to make a turn.

All this great technology is packed inside a slim 15mm body that’s designed with the usual Nuvi 1300 design in mind. This modern design is up to 25% slimmer than previous models of Nuvi, making the Nuvi 1340 amongst the slimmest and lightest sat navs available on the market.

The sat nav also has a 4.3-inch touch screen display that’s visible from most angles. The screen is responsive and features large text and clear icons to make everything as visible as possible when driving.



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