Europe’s first sat nav satellites have finally been launched

Posted on 01st March 2012 by ConnorSephton

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matter of months ago, the very first satellite navigation satellites ere launched from a Russian rocket. The Galileo spacecraft will provide independence for Europe from America’s GPS system.

When the satellite is complete, the European satellite network will be considerably more accurate, and able to pinpoint locations within less than a metre on the earth’s surface. Currently, the US satellite are only able to locate you to within 10m, given that the civilian use is consider

ably downgraded whilst more precise pinpointing will be reserved for the US military.

Another 16 satellite will be launched before the end of 2014, providing complete independence for Europe and much more precise location-finding. Professor Andrew Coates from University College London said “ It will give much better positioning, which is important for aircraft

taxiing on runways’.

Past 2014, we should expect a network of at least 30 satellite orbiting the earth for Europe’s use.


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