CoPilot Live to go freemium in March

Posted on 01st March 2012 by ConnorSephton

The popular navigation app for smart phones, CoPilot Live, will go freemium next month. It will offer a system that has fewer features, but enough to work well and provide you with the navigation assistance that you need. Users

will be able to buy in for £20 to the premium version if they so wish, but will be able to continue using the free version. Users will be told that they will never need a dedicated sat nav device again.

ALK, the company

that created CoPilot Live, claims that it hasn’t been pushed into the decision by free navigation apps by Google, as they believe that Google Mobile Maps has only benefitted their sales (they haven’t outlined what exactly they mean by that, however).

Despite what ALK claim, it seems obvious that the reason behind the move is to compete with free apps offered

by Google and Nokia. CoPilot Live, impressively, will not even carry any advertising.


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