Clarkson’s sat nav kit causes BBC row

Posted on 01st March 2012 by ConnorSephton

p>The Top Gear special edition Tom  Tom sat nav system has been canned by BBC bosses, after the Clarkson voice kit caused a row that went straight to the top of the BBC.

The director general of the BBC, Mark Thompson, has been forced to stop the production of the device, given that  it was deemed to create potential conflicts of interest.

Mr. Thimpson ruled that Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear presenter, should not be providing his voice to a sat nav when the show he presents regularly offers advice on these kinds of products. The judgment, however, only came after a massive 50,000 of the devices had been made. Furthermore, the sat nav can still be purchased at Game.

It appears that the commercial arm of the BBC, BBC Worldwide, had broken guidelines by offering Clarkson’s voice to Tom Tom for the special edition device. This could become a messy legal issue with the



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